Recipe How to Make Simple Pandan Sponge Cake

Sponge cake pandan has been very known in Indonesia, this cake can be served in variety event, beginning of  “arisan” event, meeting, and snack for picnic, even ‘Idul Fitri moments. This cake also often dishes with other lebaran cake

Way of makes the sponge cake is divided two types, those are sponge steam and sponge roast, whereas from the pandanus sponge cake , banana sponge cake , sponge tape, and many more types of sponge cakes.  

Generally these cakes are made from wheat flour, sugar and eggs, the difference of these cakes are located of its makings material. One of muffin which easiest at meets is a pandanus muffin cake which is the variation muffin cake combinations with pandan leaves. The following is recipe how to make pandanus sponge cake.
sponge cake pandan

The ingredients of pandanus muffin:

    Wheat flour 320 g
    Pandan leaves 12 sheets
    Butter cream 250 g
    4 Eggs
    Chocolate sweetened condensed milk
    Vanilla 1 spoon
    Baking powder

The way to make pandanus muffin

  • Blender pandan’s leaves, gives water and takes the extract of pandan leaves as many as 120 ml. Melted the butter until moltening, sugar, eggs, and vanilla are shacked uses mixer till the dough are equally add flour and butter cream which has melted step by step, while mixed till the dough mixed equally.
  • After that add baking powder and sweetened condensed milk in to extract pandan leaves, while stir equally, then enter to pandanus muffin dough, and stir again till equally.
  • Prepare tray and layer it with butter cream and spread a few flour equally, enter the muffin dough on the tray, then enter into oven with temperature 170oc up to more or less one hours till cooked. 
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how recipe make this pandan sponge cake? This sponge cake is always special served every time, with a few touch of butter cream or chocolate Ceres will more special. Good try at home and God useful…

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