How to Make Cheese Outstanding Pastry Kastengel

Kastangel is toasted sweetness and tasty cake that always suitable to complete lebaran nuance. Kastengel is a type of Indonesian savoury cookies.  It isn’t  quick spoiled. Making pastry so long lasting. Evenless this cake included easy being made so isn’t cold feet to fail make it. One of variety lebaran cake that e know is kastangel. Kastangel can be one of options alternatif for you who wants to make lebaran cakes. 

Nastar To make the cake very easy and simple. You can also be creative to create new fariasi cake with this simple recipe. Eg baking Nastar Nastar jelly or chocolate cake to replace the cheese. Here are two basic recipes to bake the most delicious Nastar .

Making kastangel’s cake also included easy. Not require much energy and tools also for the material not difficult to get. ype of cheese that is used depends on the recipe and tastes of people who make, could be cheese Gouda , Edam , or cheddar cheese . Cheese Parmesan is often used in order to more fragrant cake.  To its clearer we will serve kastangel cheese recipe.

Kastengel Recipe

Materials for making cheese kastangel

250 – 300 gr wheat flour low protein , sieve

75 gr cheese cheddar grater

150 gr cheese edam(old cheese) grater

15 gr roombutter(white butter)

185 grmargarine

3 eggs yolk (for dough)

2 eggs(for dab)

Method of making cheese kastangel cake

  • Churn Roombutter’s and margarine until soft then add three eggs yolk, enter one by one to the dough while shaked roled out. Enter wheat flour step by step while continue to stir in oreder to more roled out then enter cheese edam grater, shake till roled out.
  • make ready trilateral plastic then enter batters kastangel inside it, cut part end of plastic then makes diameter 1 cm.  Sprayer the batters cake become long and cut the length cake estimate 3 cm orderly.
  • Put the batters cake on the brass that is dabbed margarine. 
  • Dabbing upper kastangel batters with egg yolk then scatter cheese cheedar. Toast and enter kastangel batters into oven with 160 oC  approximate 20 minutes till cake ripe. Rise and let it cold.
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Cheese kastangel already served, entering into hermetic jar keep in cool and dry place. It is easy to make kastangel cake, isn’t it? Good try… Hopefully utilitarian

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